I would like to extend my gratitude towards the project manager of Paradoma Development, Afshin Sabounchi, for a job well done.  I have known Afshin for many years, and when we decided to renovate our kitchen and family room I knew who to call right away.  Having two kids and living in the house while undergoing the renovation, time efficiency and management was crucial for us.  Paradoma Development fulfilled our expectation and finished the project within the promised time frame. Afshin has an eye for design and pays attention to detail making our renovation process much faster and seamless. Having dealt with other contractors in the past, my experience with Paradoma was one of the most satisfying and professional ones I have ever had.

Sara H., Vancouver, BC

After we purchased our land, we thought it would be fun for both my husband and I to take on the job of our first home construction.  We knew several people in the trade and thought it should be easy arranging them to come and work at our site, on top of our regular work routine. 
Well, I'm so glad we decided not to follow that line of thought!
Home construction is a full time job and thanks to Paradoma, the construction of our house has been seamless.  Of course there are always problems on the way.  However, it has been fantastic not to have to deal with the municipality bylaws and regulations, the headache of lining up contractors according to construction time, no shows or Sunday morning shows, delays, and mistakes along the way.  It has been an exciting journey to finally be able to live in a space that is customized according to our needs and is built to last.  Paradoma has been by far the smartest part of our investment in this house.
To top it all, Paradoma has been extremely reliable and trustworthy.  We  trusted them with our budget and dreams of a great house, and we would do it again in a heart beat!

A & B, Nia, West Vancouver, BC

I admire the attention to detail in every corner of a Paradoma Development home. Afshin is a brilliant designer!
Matt Cooke, former Vancouver Canucks NHL